Itch! Everything You Didn’t Want to Know About What Makes You Scratch – Anita Sanchez. Illustrated by Gilbert Ford.


Harper Collins Australia

March 2023

  • ISBN: 9780358732877
  • ISBN 10: 0358732875
  • Imprint: HarperCollins US
  • RRP: $19.99

We all know that kiddos love the gross and the icky. They love to groan over disgusting details and hurl revolting facts around – particularly at the dinner table, so this book is going to go down a treat. It is surprisingly entertaining and engaging for a grown up reader as well I might add!

So the chapters move from learning about skin through the types of ‘itches’ skin might encounter: Lice, Fleas, Plants, Mosquito, Tarantula, Fungus, Bedbugs, and concludes with a general chapter on Itching’s possible good points. Then there is a very neat glossary accompanied by various notes. Throughout the information is presented in very accessible chunks as well as remedies and suggestions for prevention, all accompanied by some wonderfully quirky illustrations.

Arguably the only aspect that might detract (but only a little) is the American-centred information such as on plants but that really is a very small negative.

Overall, I think kiddos – and yes, particularly those reluctant boys around 10/11 -will lap this up. It would be a fun read to dip into as an after-break calm down (well, possibly not so calm with some of the yukky concepts but you get the picture!) It’s always great when a book is both information and fun, and this fits the bill perfectly. And given it’s very reasonable price and stylish format, it makes for a super addition to your collection.

Highly recommended for readers from around Year 4 to Year 7.

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