Wibble Wobble – Jen Storer/Lisa Stewart


y648 (1)

Harper Collins

July 2019

ISBN: 9780733339196

ISBN 10: 0733339190

Imprint: ABC Books – AU

RRP:  24.99 AUD

Whether you have a little person in your circle or perhaps are in an early childhood centre this delightful book is perfect for those toddlers who are taking their first steps, literally, in the wider world.

Wibble wobble, walking tall.

Wibble wobble, tumble fall.

Two very sweet toddlers spend the day testing out their new skill – inside, outside, and with a variety of textures – leaves, dirt, fluffy mats, oops cat!

Who hasn’t been thrilled watching those early explorations of newly mobile teenies – whether your own or borrowed ones?

Jen Storer’s rhythmic text is perfect for read-aloud and audience participation and Lisa Stewart’s beautiful pastel illustrations delightfully placed with open white spreads are just enchanting.

Highly recommended for either an EC collection or as a charming gift for a special little human.


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