Little People, Big Dreams series



Walker Books

A new series to me – and the first two that I’ve seen fit the “Mighty Girl” criteria perfectly. Easy to read biographies with simple text, interesting illustrations plus facts and photos at the end of each these are eminently suited to young readers from as young as six upwards.


Amelia Earhart – M Isabel Sanchez Vergara/Mariadimantes

ISBN: 9781847808851

September  2016

RRP $19.99

This traces the life of Amelia Earhart from her first experience with planes and subsequent determination to be a successful female pilot at a time when this was unheard of. She broke world records and became the first woman to fly across the Atlantic and later the Pacific. In 1929 she became president of the Ninety-Nines an organisation dedicated to supporting other women to become pilots.  Sadly in 1937 her attempt to fly around the world was her last flight. When fuel ran low during the trip she tried to reach Howland Island but failed. Exhaustive searching found no trace of the plane or Amelia but her bravery and trailblazing inspiration lives on.



Maya Angelou – Lisbeth Kaiser/Leire Salaberria

ISBN: 9781847808905

September 2016


As a little girl growing up in southern USA Maya experienced all the prejudice and intolerance one has come to expect in the 1930s. After a traumatic attack by her mother’s boyfriend Maya stopped speaking for five years but was encouraged to find her words again by a family friend through reading and writing.  Determined to rise above the racist attitudes that she grew up with, Maya pursued dreams of a career. A dancer, singer, actress, writer, director, journalist, producer, teacher and civil rights activist, Maya’s words have been an inspiration to many. Her 1969 memoir “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” remains a classic milestone in literature. Her books and poetry continue to resonate with a global audience who turn to her voice for hope and encouragement.


I look forward to reading about Coco Chanel and Frida Kahlo in the same series.

I will be promoting these vigorously to our primary girls and highly recommend them to you for your collection.

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