Grug Gets Lost – Ted Prior



  • Simon & Schuster Australia |
  • 32 pages |
  • ISBN 9781925030518 |
  • October 2015


AU$ 4.99

NZ$ 6.99


Is there anyone who doesn’t love Grug? He has been a long-time favourite in our family for sure and I have certainly spent many happy library sessions sharing Grug’s stories with small people. They always loved to innovate our own Grug story through shared writing to follow up!

Who can believe we’ve had the pleasure of Grug’s company since 1979?  Look here for the animation of the original created by the author/illustrator Ted Prior.

In this new adventure poor Grug is waylaid on his way home from shopping by a fallen tree blocking his path. When he detours around the log the path can no longer be seen and Grug finds himself lost in a strange part of the forest. Trees look scary with face-like features watching him and when a wild wallaby hurriedly leaps past him, Grug is really very anxious indeed.  He has walked so far and worried so much that tiredness overcomes him and he falls asleep. On waking he begins to see some light peering through the dense trees and heads towards it. Oh joy! He has found Cara’s hollow log which means he is almost home.  Little readers will share Grug’s relief at being home snug and safe again.

Check out the fun things to do at Grug’s own website or find out more at Ted Prior’s webpage here.

Highly recommended for younger readers from 2 upwards!

20151117_103244 (1)

Just hanging out with Grug!

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