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The Tree – Graeme Base


Penguin Australia

  • November 2020
  • ISBN: 9781760897048
  • Imprint: Puffin
  • RRP: $24.99

Yet again Graeme Base gives us the most beautiful picture book with a charming story that cloaks a hugely important message for all.

This is the story of a cow, a duck and a very big tree.

When two friends discover an enormous tree both are thrilled especially with the mooberries and mushquacks it provides. They become so absorbed in their new-found goodies each forgets the other is there. The situation becomes even worse when a big storm comes along and although the tree bends and survives, both Cow and Duck become jealous of each other and determine to protect their own part of the tree. Their fortifications of above and below become so extreme and so stressful for the tree that when the next storm comes along, the tree does not bend – instead it is smashed apart and neither of the friends has their guarded space.

It takes a long time but eventually a new young sapling begins to grow amidst the ruin of the old tree and this time Cow and Duck work together to protect it and share the good things it provides with all who come. A timely lesson indeed for the imperative facing each and every one of us – to protect and share our natural abundance, without selfishness and greed.

Children as young as Prep will enjoy the humour of the story and delight in finding the other creatures tucked away in each illustration, in typical Base style, but will also be able to comprehend the message. I foresee many rich and deep discussions arising from sharing of this outstanding new offering from one of Australia’s most celebrated creators.

Highly recommended for children from around 4 years upwards .

The Cloudspotter – Tom McLaughlin



Allen & Unwin Australia


March 2016

ISBN 9781408854976

RRP $15.99

Franklin is always alone but never lonely because he always has his clouds. That’s why he’s known as the Cloudspotter. When he is with his clouds he can be anywhere and anyone, do anything and imagine endlessly.

When Scruffy Dog comes along, Franklin is distinctly peeved. He doesn’t want or need anyone else encroaching on his cloudspotting and after attempts to rid himself of this annoying friend; he comes up with a brilliant airborne plan to send Scruffy Dog away.

But with Scruffy Dog gone, Franklin just doesn’t feel the same – with or without his clouds. Instead, he feels lonely and realises that perhaps Scruffy Dog was as well. A touching reconciliation ensures that two friends can both cloudspot – and imagine.

Friendship, imagination, sharing and loneliness – all of these are issues which will resonate in classrooms and libraries making this an extremely important read-aloud which will lead to many discussions with even the youngest children.

Another worthy addition for your shelves – recommended for children around Prep to Year 2.