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Our Mob – Jacinta Daniher & Taylor Hampton/Seantelle Walsh


Ford St Publishing

May 2023

ISBN: 9781922696236

RRP: $17.99

This is a stunning new picture book for your younger readers that will take them around Australia to visit various mobs on Country and find out a little more about each. Authors, Jacinta and Taylor, are the co-founders of Birrang Cultural Connections, based in Victoria [check out the fabulous photos on their FB page!]. Their aim is to provide cross-cultural learning experiences to children in the Albury/Wodonga district. In this book they can take that learning experience further afield, introducing kiddos to their First Nations peers from one end of the country to the other.

With each double spread readers are introduced to another proud Aboriginal kid and find out a little about customs or practices in their own Country. Through the simple but effective and expressive text, children will ‘meet’ a kid from a particular mob, and learn about their own personal connection to country and customs. Each of these is illustrated beautifully with Seantelle’s sensitive and exquisitely rendered interpretations of each child and their own experiences, with reference to traditional art techniques.

I absolutely love this book! It’s such a fabulous way to show all kids the differences and variety from one mob to another, and your readers will truly enjoy getting to know each one. And while each page is lovely in its own right – our favourite is, of course, the Wiradjuri page with little Arlo and his Pop :-), and the story of the nation totem, the gugaa.

This is a must for your shelves so if you haven’t already, get it on order now.

Highly recommended for readers from 3 year olds in kindy upwards to mid-primary. And there are some terrific and comprehensive teaching notes to accompany it.

Sorry Day & Reconciliation Week 2023


Here’s some resources for both Sorry Day and Reconciliation Week – or for any time you plan to teach cross-culturally. Stay posted for some review of new First Nations related titles over the next week.

Watch Trevor Jamieson read Sorry Day on Storybox

Watch artist Bobbi Lockyer talk about her art here and visit her webpage to find out more about her fashion and art. I have already purchased two of her new range products from Woolies!

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