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Pirate Pug: The Dog who Rocked the Boat – Laura James/Eglantine Ceulemans



Bloompiratepugsbury Australia

February 2019

ISBN 9781408895948

Imprint: Bloomsbury Children’s Books

Series: The Adventures of Pug

RRP $12.99

This is the fourth in this hugely funny series for newly independent readers and just as hilarious as the earlier ones. Pug and his owner, Lady Miranda, seem to encounter all kinds of mischief and mishaps whenever and wherever they venture out. So a holiday at the seaside would be no different of course. Pug is none too fond of the water and quite frankly is absolutely terrified of the thought of getting on a boat but when the Lady Mayor’s chain is whisked away by a piratical parrot it seems there is no choice but to become a sea-going pug.

Local bully boys seem determined to beat Lady Miranda and her friends at rescuing the stolen treasure and even dare to scupper their ship but they don’t reckon on Pug’s resilience and his ability to turn the worse situation into an advantage.

Loads of laughs with some very entertaining illustrations abound and this is perfect fodder for readers from around six years upwards. I have a couple of the previous books tucked into my ‘relief teacher’ bag of supplies and they never fail to engage as a read-aloud for kids as old as ten.  However, I know a little girl who is an enthusiastic reader who might really like this particular one so it’s off to her it goes!

Captain Pug: The Dog Who Sailed the Seas – Laura James/Eglantine Ceulemans



Allen & Unwin Australia

Published: 01-06-2016
Format: Paperback
Edition: 1st
Extent: 128
ISBN: 9781408866368
Imprint: Bloomsbury Childrens


RRP $12.99

I told you didn’t I – pugs are the rage! And this pug is every bit as cute as the real thing!

Pug is the jam-tart eating companion of Lady Miranda who is a freckled eccentric of aristocratic origins.  The pair is off to a party picnic with pedalos and ice creams promised. Of course, Lady Miranda has no intention of exerting herself to pedal anything – she has her running footmen to take care of such physical activities – but she is very keen for both herself and Pug to look the part.

So Pug becomes Captain Pug, complete with little jacket and cap and is a very spiffy and sartorial sailor. There is just one tiny problem. Pug is AFRAID of water!

While Lady Miranda eyes up the pedalos, Pug assuages his fear temporarily by searching a handy picnic feast for any stray jam-tarts. His quest for his favourites sees him crawling completely into the picnic basket and whoosh! Suddenly he’s off on a solo sailing adventure that begins with a bus trip and  after marine misadventures, a delicious choc mint ice cream and making several new friends, ends with being reunited with Lady M aboard a very flash ocean liner.

Newly independent readers looking for a first chapter book will giggle their way happily through this first in a new series and they will love the humorous illustrations. (I love the orange and blue theme!)

Some cute activities are available here.

Highly recommended for young readers from around 6 years upwards.





Pugly Bakes a Cake – Pamela Butchart, illustrated by Gemma Correll





ISBN: 9780857635990

Publisher: Nosy Crow

Imprint: Nosy Crow

Pub Date: March 2016


I guess we all know that pugs are pretty cute (and pretty fashionable) right now. If I hadn’t got a toy poodle myself I probably would have got a pug – although my eccentric teaching colleague who had a wardrobe of outfits for hers and attended all the ‘pug parties’ in Brisbane at one time did kind of put me off a little.


Moving right along, newly independent readers are going to love this book. It’s a HOOT! Last night I read this aloud straight through to The Divine Miss M who is having a sleepover and she thought it was great! She was able to predict and infer as I read which was pretty impressive as well.

Pugly and his nemesis Clem (Clementine) the cat are rivals for the undivided attention of their owner Maddy who is eight years old.

Being a pug (no offence to pug owners), Pugly is not the sharpest knife in the drawer and Clem can very easily put it over him. Especially as Pugly’s only ally is Clive the fish – and Pugly doesn’t speak or understand fish-bubble.

Inspired Pugly decides he is going to the first dog to ever bake a cake and thus win paws down The Great British Bake Off, be on TV and meet the Queen (as you do when you’re famous). This plan will seal his status as Maddy’s favourite pet he is sure.

However, with Clem ‘advising’ him chaos reigns in the kitchen and elsewhere, as Pugly heeds all Clem’s ideas, goes mental at the Evil Squirrel outside on the fence and more.

This is a laugh a minute book and not only proved a terrific read aloud (took about half an hour or so) but perfect for those readers beginning their individual reading journeys. Lots of capitalised words and extra large fonts give them the opportunity to incorporate tone and expression into reading as well.

Get onto this one – it will be a great favourite with Year 1 to around Year 4 for sure!