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Sorry Day & Reconciliation Week 2023


Here’s some resources for both Sorry Day and Reconciliation Week – or for any time you plan to teach cross-culturally. Stay posted for some review of new First Nations related titles over the next week.

Watch Trevor Jamieson read Sorry Day on Storybox

Watch artist Bobbi Lockyer talk about her art here and visit her webpage to find out more about her fashion and art. I have already purchased two of her new range products from Woolies!

Find 2023 resources[Reconciliation Australia]

 Australians Together

Australian War Memorial

A brilliant map produced by Acknowledge This showing the real names for the places which are now Australia’s major towns and cities.

National Indigenous Times


Reconciliation Film Club

Wear it Yellow for Children’s Ground 2023

Living on Stolen Land – Ambelin Kwaymullina


Magabala Books

July 2020

ISBN 9781925936247

RRP: $22.99

In any other year we would be in the midst of NAIDOC celebrations but this has been no ordinary year for any of us. And given the global swell of awareness around the circumstances, past and present, of people of colour this is a most timely and resonating book.

One of my mantra words at present is manifesto. For me it epitomises passion, commitment, truth and transparency and it is the best fit word in my opinion to describe this powerful sharing from Ambelin.

Written prose/free verse style each section unpacks the words used for generations to mask the truth of our dispossessed First Australian peoples and provides a blueprint for all who are prepared to stand as one and support new understandings and pathways.

Each section deals with another aspect of the painful history of our present day nation and the way forward through understanding and action.

There is no part of this place
that was not
is not
cared for
by an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander nation
There are no trees
that were not
are not
someone’s kin

This is not a huge book but it is, without doubt, an important one to read, share, reflect upon and most importantly take to heart. For anyone seeking a clearer understanding of the need for ‘de-colonisation’ of Australia, empowering true cross-cultural perspectives and the achieving of a real and positive future for all Australians.

I cannot recommend it highly enough as an addition either to your own personal shelves or your library collection – I would suggest for secondary students as it does require a maturity of language and comprehension. If you seek to empower your young students in particular this is a ‘must have’.