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Ruby Red Shoes: My Wonderful Grandmother– Kate Knapp


y648 (11)

Harper Collins Australia
March 2020

ISBN: 9781460758885

ISBN 10: 1460758889

Imprint: HarperCollins – AU

List Price: 19.99 AUD

What’s wonderful about my grandmother is she is not only my grandmother but also my friend.

On the day before my Jen slipped away from us as I held her hand and stroked her hair and promised I would take care of Small (as she was known then) she looked at me and said ‘You know you are her best friend.’

So this beautiful new Ruby Red Shoes story, the little hare who lives with her grandmother, touched my heart on the most personal of levels and while Small is now fifteen and way too hip-teen for this, it’s one I’m going to treasure and keep  as it resonates so much….right down to the aquaerobics classes and the fairies in the garden!

Ruby loves her grandmother of course but all the many reasons she gives for her grandmother being so wonderful are just perfect: cooking together, daytrips, exploring rockpools, sharing music and learning new words. This book really could have been written for Small and I  and I am not the only reader who will connect with it. When Ruby invites the reader to share why their own grandmothers are wonderful what a marvellous opportunity arises whether it be with a class of children or a solo reader.

In our strange and anxiety-filled times many grandchildren and grandparents are separated by distance for a time and so what better way to keep the connection than by sharing this with both? The grandies could list why the grandparents are wonderful and vice versa – what a beautiful exchange that would make!

What’s wonderful about my grandmother is she wears x-ray spectacles. She can see deep inside me and knows just what I’m feeling. (and I can)

My highest (and slightly teary) recommendations for little ones from around three years upwards. It could have been written just for us, thank you Kate.


Learn with Ruby Red Shoes – Kate Knapp



Harper Collins Australia


The delightful Ruby is back. The little white hare with the endearing personality has created quite the following in her previous books. Now even tiny people can enjoy her adventures while learning some basic concepts at the same time.

Knapp’s delicate illustrations offer a wealth of exploration and cosy talk while reading and carers and children will return to these time and time again to find their favourites and expand on their conversations


1 2 3 Counting Book


ISBN: 9781460756911

ISBN 10: 1460756916

November 2018

List Price: 14.99 AUD

One is for me. I’m one of a kind.

I’m separate from you and

I know my own mind.

Ruby and her flock of chickens teach little ones how to count up to twelve using buttons and teapots, peaches and hats – and, of course, eggs.


Alphabet Book


ISBN: 9781460756904

ISBN 10: 1460756908

November 2018

List Price: 14.99 AUD


Ruby and the chickens continue their classes with this equally sweet alphabet book. Each lovely illustration and letter features on its own page and truly it is very difficult to choose a favourite but I thought this was the most apt to share.

R is for Reading

It’s fun to be busy, to learn and to play,

And it’s also important to rest in the day.

To relax with a book and take time to read

Is just the thing a young hare needs.

And after all, so do old hares!


If you have some little people in your circle the two of these would make a special addition to a Christmas parcel and did you know you can also buy Ruby Red Shoes (Ashdene) dinnerware for tinies? Just think of the kudos in store for the one who puts together such a beautiful gift! *wink from a granny hare*

Check out more of Kate’s wondrous work here


Ruby Red Shoes Goes to London – Kate Knapp




Angus & Robertson

November 2016

ISBN 9780732297626

RRP $19.99


Ruby Red Shoes is a great favourite with my junior girls so they are all going to mighty impressed when this goes onto our New Books stand.

There is something completely charming about RRS, both the writing and the illustrations.  These are just totally endearing books.

Ruby and her Baboushka love travelling and this trip to London is chockfull of everything iconic about that amazing city. Red buses and letterboxes, HM the Queen, toasted crumpets for a cosy tea, squat black taxis and beautiful shops and parks abound.

Little readers will learn much about London as Ruby explores it in the gusty windy weather.  Despite the excitement of the visit with its many iconic sights and of course HM and the corgis, Ruby knows that home is always the best place of all.

Where will she and Baboushka adventure next? I know many little girls who will be wild with wondering.

Highly recommended for readers from around 7 years upwards.