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Attack of the Giant Baby – David Lucas. Illustrated by Bruce Ingman


Bloomsbury Australia

August 2022

ImprintBloomsbury Children’s Books

RRP: $14.99

This was absolutely great fun to share with a lovely little class of Preppies who sat completely engrossed until about 2/3 of the way when the penny started to drop. The look of delight on their little faces as they realised what was going on was just wonderful.

A sweet excursion into imaginative play when the Giant Baby supposedly invades a beautiful kingdom sending King, Queen and courtiers into a mad panic. Only the Princess remains calm repeating, “He’s just a baby..” The rampaging baby tramples mountains, derails the train, shakes the passengers out of the bus and completely knocks down the castle’s defensive walls – which just happen to resemble brightly coloured blocks. It was round about there that my observant audience began to twig :-).

Luckily the Princess is able to save the kingdom from a complete disaster when she skilfully diverts the Giant Baby to the kitchen where Mummy has prepared supper.

It really is just a joy and it is so refreshing to see our little people, of whom we often think are lacking in imagination, catch on to exactly what is implied in the illustrations with such vigour. They were very chuffed that they had worked it out and out of the two books I shared with them, this was by far the most well received.

Highly recommended for your little peeps from around 4 years upwards.

Float – Daniel Miyares



  • Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers |
  • 48 pages |
  • ISBN 9781481415248 |
  • June 2015 |
  • Grades P – 3


AU$ 24.99

NZ$ 27.99

This is a beautiful textless picture book perfect for sharing with younger children. Seemingly very simple in its premise of a little boy using his imagination to make and sail a paper boat, the depth of the wonderful illustrations will provide much discussion.

A rainy grey day is transformed by the spark of this imagination and the vivid yellow of the boy’s raingear highlights this.  When his paper boat slips away from him and he goes looking for it, another adventure awaits him.

When you have shared and talked about this experience with your readers, of course you will be keen to make your own paper boats and sail them. The delicious endpapers give a visual instruction sheet on how to fold your own boat. Have fun and happy sailing!