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The Book of Stone – Mark Greenwood/Coral Tulloch



Walker Books Australia

November 2019

ISBN: 9781760650872
Imprint: Walker Books Australia
Australian RRP: $27.99
New Zealand RRP: $29.99

Here’s another terrific book for sparking some scientific interest whether just because you are in ‘stay at home’ mode or because your reader has a curious mind and loves to investigate (or pick up those stones on their walks around the neighbourhood).

I have known many keen little geologists in my teaching career and in fact, The Kid was also one of these and assiduously added to her gemstone collection over a period of years. But many of them will not have given a great deal of thought to the significance of stones throughout history nor how powerful they can be in some cultures. So this might not only initiate that scientific inquiry but also a cultural exploration for readers.

Naturally the combination of this author and illustrator is outstanding and oh my! those absolutely sensational endpapers with detailed illustrations and notes on a variety of beautiful stones.

Together Mark and illustrator, Coral Tulloch, have created a book that allows them to share the theme of geological wonder, solitude, special memories and places through stone.

I know so many families will be spending as much time as they can out-of-doors whether in their own backyards or at close-at-hand parks and reserves and this will engender a sense of wonder at picking up those random stone treasures and trying to discover each one’s unique story.

Altogether a simply beautiful book full of richness and depth for readers from around 5 years upwards. If you have missed out on it thus far be sure to put it in your collection without delay.

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Australian Backyard Earth Scientist – Peter Macinnis




February 2019

ISBN:   9780642279347


RRP: $29.99

It’s taken a long time to get this beauty into my hands but at last I have been able to savour it’s wealth of information and there are two reasons why it’s most timely to be able to review it now.

One is that the esteemed author has just picked up the Educational Publishing award for a student resource – jolly well done Peter! Secondly, the school holidays are approaching which is frabjous news for some of us (educators) but perhaps not so much for parents who may be dreading the ‘I’m borrrrrrrrred’ refrain and this volume will  prove to be the perfect choice for any curious reader of around ten years upwards.

With his habitual diligence, dedication to accuracy, passion for science and nature and an unerring ability to engage and interest his audience, Peter takes his readers on a wide-ranging virtual field trip from the beginnings of Earth to the current concerns of climate change.  Throughout youngsters will be treated to fun facts, easy to understand explanations, fun and interesting projects to complete themselves as well as a veritable treasure trove of earth science information.

Peter’s particular passion for sharing his knowledge and often quirky snippets is well known amongst his friends (much to our continued delight and amazement!) but it is his commitment to bringing science to young people that is absolutely one of his most stellar qualities.

As is to be expected from all the NLA’s catalogue this a quality production all round with styling, illustrations, diagrams and layout all completely ‘en pointe’ and children will thoroughly revel in dipping into their favourite sections.  As long as parents don’t mind a little digging, observing, tracking or requests for outings to places of natural interest, all holiday ‘woes’ will be solved and who knows? may well be fostering a life long love of all things scientific.

I highly recommend this for readers from around ten years upwards though the age is fluid – any able reader will relish it and that includes curious, interested adults.