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Ravi’s Roar




September 2019

ISBN 9781408892183

Imprint: Bloomsbury Children’s Books

RRP: $14.99

This is another of Tom Percival’s splendid picture books which help children to understand and self-regulate their emotions.

Many of us (educators) are finding it increasingly challenging to help children to identify and manage their own emotional issues (which also seem to be increasing – or is that just me?). So books such as this present an ideal way to lead into discussions in a gentle but open and clear way which in turn can assist us in guiding these small humans into ways that will help them adjust to situations without recourse to outbursts.

Of course, this is a topic which is of concern to many but Tom’s books enable us to enter into discussions without pointing the finger at anyone in particular and engender solutions for dealing with such emotions/feelings.

Most young children will readily identify that rising temper whether their own is extreme or not and will most likely offer triggers and solutions for such.

Ravi is the youngest and the smallest in his family and when one ‘catastrophe’ after another occurs his emotions implode and he becomes a raging tiger. While that may be solving problems in the short term, as others are intimidated by him, he soon learns that no one really wants to be friends with a vicious roaring tiger.

The trick is to find a way to manage such situations with an approach that will both resolve the anger and provide a way forward to better management and resolution.

Love this book and can think of several children for whom it will be of benefit – as well as some very frazzled teachers.

Highly recommended for both young readers and also teachers facing some difficult charges.

Two For One



Let’s look at some feelings……


Scaredy Book : it’s not always easy to be brave! Devon Sillett & Cara King

Harper Collins

ISBN: 9781925335682

ISBN 10: 1925335682

Exisle Kids Publishing – NZ

On Sale: 23/04/2018

List Price: 24.99 AUD

Often it’s difficult to step out of our comfort zones – hard enough for adults and regularly even more so for children. This is a beautiful book with which to explore overcoming trepidation about new situations.

Book loves being in the library but also yearns at times to get out and be borrowed, to explore and discover new adventures. However he always feels tremendously relieved when no one takes him out as his anxiety overwhelms him. Over and over he watches other books go out and some of them come back damaged – or worse, don’t come back at all. What if the same thing happens to him?

Then Emily finds Book. Emily loves the library and books. She’s a bit sad that Book looks kind of sad and faded so she promptly takes him out and shows him the wonderful world outside the library, as well as taking very good care of him.

This is a wonderful way to introduce the topic of uncertainty about new circumstances and that while they may have some small negatives the positives usually outweigh these.

Highly recommended for young readers from around Prep upwards.


Lessons of a LAC – Lynn Jenkins/Kirrili Lonergan

Exisle Publishing



Just because bad things might happen, it doesn’t mean they will.

Psychologist Lynn Jenkins is committed to helping children build emotional resilience and overcome mental hurdles that increase anxiety and worry.

LACs live in their own village and worry about everything. Their entire existence is a whirl of worry. Opposite geographically and mentally, the Calmsters in their village learn how to relax their minds and build positive responses.

When Loppy LAC meets Curly Calmsters he expects the worse but actually finds some solutions to his constant fears and endless concern. This new friendship leads to an unexpected joining of the two clans as they all learn to deal with life without resolutely expecting disasters.

The delightful illustrations are very reminiscent of Dr Seuss whacky style and will have genuine appeal to children. Art activities which combine ‘feelings’ concepts are a very distinct possibility with this one.

Highly recommended for children from around Prep upwards.

Both of these will be on my list for end of year when Preps prepare to move onto to Year 1 and new adventures.

My Feelings – Sarah Jennings




August 2016

ISBN: 9781408869048
Imprint: Bloomsbury Activity Books

RRP $12.99

As Small continues with her counsellor and actively begins to articulate her feelings, increasing her emotional awareness (which is very much helping her work through many issues including grief and anxiety), this little book is a very timely review.

Designed for younger children, it could just as easily fit in with any early learning situation or home circumstance. It is a very attractively presented board book with each page ‘tabbed’ by an appropriately expressive face for each feeling.

“When you feel sad…or worried…


Have a cake daydream.

Take deep breaths.

Tell someone.

These can help you if you feel sad or worried.

It can just take time to go away.”

The illustrations are colourful and reassuring for any little person and the reading of this could open the way to some very beneficial conversation about the feelings faced by smaller humans who are often unable to articulate their inner feelings.

Highly recommended for home or school bookshelves for readers from 3 upwards.