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House Arrest: Pandemic Diaries – Alan Bennett


Profile Books

July 2022

ISBN: 9781800811928
ISBN-10: 1800811926

RRP: $14.99

It’s a perfect little gem of a book – a mere fifty pages – but they are just packed with Bennett’s trademark ascerbic wit, pithy obervations on social circumstances made all the more absurd at times by the whole Covid complication.

Now in his 80s, in fact almost 90, Bennett is physically impaired with his arthritis (I’m beginning to know exactly how he feels, poor bugger) but together with his partner, Rupert, maintained a routine of gentle exercise when possible as well as working. At the time of writing the filming of the BBC’s new version of his Talking Heads monologues was about to happen, involving much to-and-fro social distanced collaboration.

Mixed in with the commentary on contemporary incidents are reminiscences from his childhood and other stand out events which are both fascinating and fun.

Definitely worth picking up and spending half an hour of your time – read this great article from The Guardian who are of the same opinion. What a splendid literary treasure he is – read more about his marvellous canon of work here.

I’m a Hero Too – Jamila Rizvi/Peter Cheong


Penguin Australia

October 2020

  • ISBN: 9781761040115
  • Imprint: Puffin
  • RRP: $19.99

While it goes without saying that all of us have had some difficulties, at the very least, in adjusting to the strange and sometimes scary year that we’ve had it is perhaps most hard for little folks who can often struggle to understand the reasons for some changes.

This is the perfect book to engage with your littlest peeps to discuss and explain the impact of Covid. Arty is your regular kid who loves playing with his friends whether at kinder or the playground, visiting Granny for cooking and cuddles and just doing the everyday things with his family. The virus swept so much of that away that it can be hard to adapt for these little humans but Arty knows that he can be a hero just like his mum, who is a scientist working hard on the vaccine development.

How can our small people be heroes too? They can be just like Arty – remembering all the important things like washing hands carefully, sneezing into an elbow, not drinking from the bubblers and keeping fingers away from eyes and mouths.

This is a book for now and I would suggest, as the school year draws to its close around Australia, for your first week back at school in 2021. While we are all, as one, hopeful that the Covid situation will improve as the vaccines begin to roll out and science gains an ever-growing more accurate analysis of its nature it will still be vitally important for little people (as well as big ones!) to be mindful of these now established hygiene practices.

If this isn’t already in your collection make sure you have it ready for the children at the very beginning of Term 1. It is simply but effectively told with engaging illustrations and will empower your little peeps to be everyday heroes for each other.

Highly recommended for kiddos from around 3 years upwards.