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Puffin Little Cook: Snacks


Penguin Australia

July 2020

ISBN: 9781760897000

Imprint: Puffin

RRP: $12.99

Exciting times as the one and only Puffin imprint celebrates its 80th year – so many beautiful books coming out including some which will of course be featured on this blog – but also lots of fun celebrations. Starting this week Waterstones in the UK are launching a week of online activities that many children will thoroughly enjoy.

This sweet book is one of a new range called Puffin Little which will introduce younger readers to simple but engaging non-fiction texts. While The Kid is well beyond the reading scope – and indeed the recipe scope – of this little treasure but I have a feeling it will stay on my cookbook shelf because some of the snack ideas sound so tasty!

The book begins with some important information pages including Kitchen Rules, Little Tools and nutritional info like the food pyramid all accompanied by illustrations – especially useful for the tools section so there can be no mistaking a spoon for a rolling pin – expanding vocabulary and setting the tiny chefs up for their culinary introduction.

There are four sections of recipes: breakfast, lunch, dinner and sweets. Each recipe carries over four pages with its introduction, list of ingredients and then method. Little Cooks are clearly advised when to enlist the help of Big Cooks, for example, pre-heating the oven, heating oil or peeling and grating vegetables.

Throughout the whole isolation experience many families have re-discovered the joys of cooking together and we all know the truth of if the kiddos help with the cooking or indeed feel they have achieved it themselves they are far more inclined to eat it and also experiment with new tastes.

All in all this just a super little book for the budding cooks in your household or readership and one well worth the investment. The design is really cute and very appealing and the layout simple enough for even the newly independent readers to follow with ease.

I for one can’t wait to see what else is planned for this new series. I would highly recommend it for your youngest readers from around Year 1 up or for a little person of your acquaintance who loves to feel grown up and learn new skills.

Pugly Bakes a Cake – Pamela Butchart, illustrated by Gemma Correll





ISBN: 9780857635990

Publisher: Nosy Crow

Imprint: Nosy Crow

Pub Date: March 2016


I guess we all know that pugs are pretty cute (and pretty fashionable) right now. If I hadn’t got a toy poodle myself I probably would have got a pug – although my eccentric teaching colleague who had a wardrobe of outfits for hers and attended all the ‘pug parties’ in Brisbane at one time did kind of put me off a little.


Moving right along, newly independent readers are going to love this book. It’s a HOOT! Last night I read this aloud straight through to The Divine Miss M who is having a sleepover and she thought it was great! She was able to predict and infer as I read which was pretty impressive as well.

Pugly and his nemesis Clem (Clementine) the cat are rivals for the undivided attention of their owner Maddy who is eight years old.

Being a pug (no offence to pug owners), Pugly is not the sharpest knife in the drawer and Clem can very easily put it over him. Especially as Pugly’s only ally is Clive the fish – and Pugly doesn’t speak or understand fish-bubble.

Inspired Pugly decides he is going to the first dog to ever bake a cake and thus win paws down The Great British Bake Off, be on TV and meet the Queen (as you do when you’re famous). This plan will seal his status as Maddy’s favourite pet he is sure.

However, with Clem ‘advising’ him chaos reigns in the kitchen and elsewhere, as Pugly heeds all Clem’s ideas, goes mental at the Evil Squirrel outside on the fence and more.

This is a laugh a minute book and not only proved a terrific read aloud (took about half an hour or so) but perfect for those readers beginning their individual reading journeys. Lots of capitalised words and extra large fonts give them the opportunity to incorporate tone and expression into reading as well.

Get onto this one – it will be a great favourite with Year 1 to around Year 4 for sure!