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Papa Mawal-mawalpa Tjuta – Johanna Bell-nga & Dion Beasley-nyu


Allen & Unwin

August 2021


Edition No: Pitjantjatjara

Publisher: A&U Children’s

Imprint: A & U Children

RRP: $24.99

Mantaina anu ngayuku kuntiliku walikutu. Nyaana puta nyangu?

This is the beginning of the  Pitjantjatjara version of 2016’s award-winning book Too Many Cheeky Dogs.  Pitjantjatjara is a First Nations language widely spoken in central and southern Australia, It is long overdue that our children’s books be translated into First Nation languages and let’s hope we see many more forthcoming.

Of course, we don’t all speak Pitjantjatjara but don’t worry – there is an English translation included at the back of the book – or you could share both editions – Standard English and  Pitjantjatjara – in the same unit of work. Help your jarjums learn their colours, numbers and days of the week bi-lingually this year!!

On Monday I walked to my auntie’s house and guess what I saw?

Good Night, Ivy Bright – Ben Long/Andrew Plant


Ford St Publishing

April 2021

RRP: $16.99

ISBN: 9781925804720

This is a glorious book with both a joyful rollicking rhyming text from author, Ben Long, and (as always) sublime illustrations from Andrew Plant. On the surface it is a splendid introduction to both colours and colour mixing but it goes much deeper than that. To be honest, I can’t say it better than Ben himself:

What I didn’t realise while I was writing this story was the importance of the moose.
Everyone needs a moose. We all have times when we’re challenged – when we are tired,
troubled, or in tears. And it’s at those times when we need someone to sit down next to us
and be there for us, just like the moose in this story. For some people, the moose might be
their mum. For others it might be their dad, sister, brother, friend, or all of the above.
Similarly, sometimes we need to be the moose for someone else. It’s a good reminder to ask
for help when you need it, and to offer help when it’s needed.

Just imagine using this with your class and investigating all the artistic possibilities but at the same time inviting discussion around when we might need a ‘moose’ in our lives. It would take very little encouragement to generate the most valuable of conversations and giving small humans the reassurances they need, as well as putting into their minds the possibility that they might, in turn, be someone’s ‘moose’.

I just love this and can easily envisage it in either your library session or a classroom setting – especially since there are brilliant teaching notes provided!

Highly recommended for little readers from around five years upwards.

Happy Birthday Tashi!


Allen & Unwin

July 2020

The very fact that over the past twenty-five years Tashi books have sold well over a million copies is testament to the love that so many have for this very special boy. While magic and fun abound the Tashi stories also have a lot for children to absorb and learn about life and now even the very youngest readers can be introduced to the joy with these special new My First Tashi books. How simply beautiful that even though the hugely talented Kim Gamble is no longer with us his legacy lives on through his equally talented daughters and of course the magical boy who is everyone’s favourite.

1 2 3: My First Tashi – Anna Fienberg and Barbara Fienberg, illustrated by Kim Gamble, Arielle Gamble and Greer Gamble


Publisher:A&U Children’s

Imprint:A & U Children

RRP : $14.99

Little ones can count dragons and ogres, tigers and demons and adults will revel in the absolutely glorious illustrations in this very different counting book.

When they have finished counting to ten they can try to spot the many other delightful objects in the double spread of a community fair, Tashi-style. The book concludes with a lovely letter from Anna Fienberg telling us the story of how Tashi came to be via two extremely talented families.

Colours: My First Tashi – Anna Fienberg and Barbara Fienberg, illustrated by Kim Gamble, Arielle Gamble and Greer Gamble


Publisher:A&U Children’s

Imprint:A & U Children


I do love the counting book but this one has to be my first pick because really who doesn’t want to see the colours of dragons, genies, tigers and Baba Yagas as well as pigs, horses and buses?! 🙂

I particularly love that the large block letters of each colour word reflect the patterns or features of the illustrated object so the GREEN for a dragon has spotty scales, the WHITE for the tiger is striped and BROWN for the horse has tufts of hair! So fun!!

Go to the Tashi website for more fun after reading as well as teaching ideas.

Check out the free activities download for more Tashi fun.

Goodnight Glow Worms – Aura Parker



9780143792918Penguin Australia

March 2020

  • ISBN: 9780143792918
  • Imprint: Puffin
  • RRP: $24.99

Goodnight, Glow Worms shining bright,
Time to dim your Glow Worm light.
Glow Worms gleaming, beaming round,
Can’t switch off and can’t wind down.

This is so absolutely adorable it almost makes me wish I still had a little one to read it to for bedtime (almost!).

The little glow worms are having a bit of trouble getting themselves sorted for ‘lights off’ and bed time and their small human counterparts will love not only their various procrastinations but their lovely colours. Which would be the favourite one for your own glow worm?

With very sweet rhyming text and utterly gorgeous illustrations the countdown to all the glow worms finally going to sleep will be a huge hit in your own bedtime routines.  Of course, for me, the stunning endpapers are once again a real highlight (yes yes I know I have a ‘thing’ about endpapers!).

The whole resounds with joy and and imagination and I could easily see that crafting some colourful glow worms would be a fabulous follow-on.

Highly recommended for little glow worms from around 2 years upwards.

There is also a wonderful activity pack available!

GGW Act Pack header


Love From the Crayons – Drew Daywalt/Oliver Jeffers


y648 (6)

Harper Collins Australia

January 2020

ISBN: 9780008384920

ISBN 10: 0008384924

Imprint: HarperCollins – GB

List Price: 14.99 AUD

You would be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t love the crayons books!

Now you can give the gift of love AND crayons to someone special whether that’s a big or a small person.

What colour do you think love is? For me it’s a sort of sunset orangey/red 😊.  For you it might be white “because sometimes love is hard to see” or perhaps it’s grey “because love can be small and soft, or big and strong” or even purple “because love has its own imagination”. Each variation is accompanied by the colourful crayon drawings we’ve come to relish in these popular titles.

You may choose to give this to a little one to show your love for them or even add it to a special Valentine’s Day gift – my copy is going to be one of the ‘revolving’ titles in the reflection space in my library – just to remind all who pick it up that love comes in many colours but is always present.

Highly recommended for readers from babies upwards.



The Crayons’ Book of Numbers – Drew Daywalt/Oliver Jeffers Harper Collins



Harper Collins

  • ISBN:9780008212865
  • ISBN 10: 0008212864
  • Imprint: HarperCollins – GB
  • On Sale: 24/10/2016

RRp $14.99


Since the first appearance of the ‘Crayons’ they have been very firm favourites with readers of all ages but of course, especially little people.

This delightful board book is a great introduction to these colourful personalities particularly for the tiniest of book-lovers.

Duncan has lost his crayons! The reader is invited to help find them and count all ten. Each page of course features its own colour with a typically quirky comment from the featured crayon – and naturally an illustration which highlights its character.

Little ones will love this and counting books are always so popular! This one does double duty helping toddlers and upwards learn both numbers and colours.

Highly recommended as a terrific addition to a Santa sack for a special little person in your life.