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Grace’s Escape – Louise Park


Simon & Schuster

September 2021

  • Publisher: Berbay
  • ISBN13: 9780645069631

RRP: AU$ 16.99 / NZ$ 19.99

Middle school readers fell in love with Grace’s adventures in her first book, Grace’s Secrets, and they will love this next instalment as Grace and her friend, Millie, continue to slip between past and present investigating mysteries and becoming acquainted with literary greats of the past.

Grace and her mother are settling beautifully into Faerie Castle, with the fun of Victorian-themed weekends, their guests, and, certainly, the added excitement of the girls setting up their beautiful olde-worlde style stationery shop is bringing much joy.

Once again the enchanted map leads the girls into a strange adventure in which they are mistaken for sisters, Georgiana and Theodora, who were meant to arrive at the castle of the past but did not. It’s up to Grace and Ellie to rescue these sisters it seems, along with Grace’s precious pup Coco, who is dog-napped by the same villain who has captured the girls.

As they dip in and out of the castle’s history, the girls become firm friends with Mamie – perhaps better known to some as May Gibbs, creator of the Snugglepot and Cuddlepie stories – as well as J. M. Barrie – playwright and storyteller who gave the world Peter Pan and the wonderful Beatrix Potter. Fortunately, they are able to outwit the villains, rescue the missing girls and, along the way, provide inspiration to these legendary creators.

This is such a delightful adventure that will enchant your readers who love to hear of historical people, particularly ‘bookish’ folk, and who relish the thought of living an almost double life – enjoying the wonders of modern life as well as savouring some of the beauty and elegance of times past.

My own thrill comes with the my own little mention – as Grace’s much missed teacher-librarian back in Broome – thank you Louise for such an honour !

Highly recommended for your readers from around Year 3/4 upwards. It is a must have for your collection!

Archicards: Build a Castle [64 slot-together cards for creative fun] – Paul Farrell


y648 (7)

Harper Collins Australia

March 2020

ISBN: 9781843654469

ISBN 10: 1843654466

Imprint: Pavilion Childrens – GB

List Price: 24.99 AUD


So not exactly what I would normally expect to be reviewing but how super timely at this point in time! And while I’m sort of thinking that I could gift them either as a library prize or to a small person of my acquaintance, I’m actually strongly tempted to have fun with them myself! Because they do look like very serious fun for all ages for sure!

If you have your children at home already – or just getting ready for the upcoming holidays or stay-at-home, these would make a terrific addition to your store of resources – or those moments when you’re in need of a sanity preserver. Of course, you could also team it with some research into medieval times sneaking in some great learning opportunities including studies of society and language.

These are very sturdy and will clearly withstand many hours of building and re-building in which kiddos can let their imaginations run riot. I think it would be uber-cool if you happened to have some little knights to add to a playscape as well.

Check them out in this video clip – fun fun fun!