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Meerkat Christmas – Aura Parker


Penguin Australia

October 2022

  • ISBN: 9780143777229
  • Imprint: Puffin
  • RRP: $19.99

Seriously, I’m always so in awe of creators who can do both the text and the illustrations – for someone who yearns to have even a smidgin of creativity it seems a little unfair -haha!

This is another title I shared with numerous classes over the closing weeks of Term 4 – again from Prep upwards to Year 3 and once again it was received with tumultous applause – even the older children loved the rollicking rhymes and the oh-so-cute illustrations.

We all had lots fun talking who had or had not seen meerkats yet (many in my neighbourhood have gone to Australia Zoo), where meerkats live, why does EVERYONE love them so much and imagining other funny antics they might get up to. They totally loved the reveal of the pups pyramid-ing their way to form a Christmas Tree and there was much laughter all round.

And what do I love? I absolutely adore the endpapers (as everyone knows, they are a passion of mine) and I love that the rhyming text flows naturally with rhythmic grace and ease and never sounds forced or discordant (which frankly, annoys me often in books by ‘award winning’ authors whose scansion leaves much to be desired) – this is just fabulous and the top reason for it being such a joy to read aloud!

This is truly an adorable addition to your Christmas bookshelf and for a little person in your circle particularly would make for a beautiful gift under the tree or in their wee stocking.

Highly recommended for small pups from around 4 years to 8 years old.

Goodnight Glow Worms – Aura Parker



9780143792918Penguin Australia

March 2020

  • ISBN: 9780143792918
  • Imprint: Puffin
  • RRP: $24.99

Goodnight, Glow Worms shining bright,
Time to dim your Glow Worm light.
Glow Worms gleaming, beaming round,
Can’t switch off and can’t wind down.

This is so absolutely adorable it almost makes me wish I still had a little one to read it to for bedtime (almost!).

The little glow worms are having a bit of trouble getting themselves sorted for ‘lights off’ and bed time and their small human counterparts will love not only their various procrastinations but their lovely colours. Which would be the favourite one for your own glow worm?

With very sweet rhyming text and utterly gorgeous illustrations the countdown to all the glow worms finally going to sleep will be a huge hit in your own bedtime routines.  Of course, for me, the stunning endpapers are once again a real highlight (yes yes I know I have a ‘thing’ about endpapers!).

The whole resounds with joy and and imagination and I could easily see that crafting some colourful glow worms would be a fabulous follow-on.

Highly recommended for little glow worms from around 2 years upwards.

There is also a wonderful activity pack available!

GGW Act Pack header