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Easy Peasy – Ky Garvey/Amy Calautti


EK Books

February 2023

ISBN 9781922539441 


I think we’ve all been in the same mind set as Ruby at one time or another – and if we haven’t been ourselves, then we certainly have encountered the child who was! We can often think we have all we need, whether skills or knowledge, at our fingertips and resolutely reject offers of help. But truly, sometimes, we can all use a helping hand.

When Ruby’s dad gives her a magnificent pair of sparkly roller skates for her birthday present, she is not only over the moon with delight but completely confident that she can learn to skate without any assistance. Dad repeatedly offers his help when her attempts don’t end very well but it takes quite some time for Ruby to admit she probably could use some guidance.

A Daddy/daughter date to the skating rink is just the thing for Ruby to gain enough confidence and skill to manage on her own. How often have we, or children we have taught, been in this same position? Often it seems that rejecting offers of help is somehow a weakness when in fact it really is just the opposite.

Ky Garvey has crafted a seemingly simple story which will prove a great talking point in your classroom or library, especially with your littlies, and the colourful illustrations from Amy Calautti speak volumes – taking us all back to that time when the roller rinks were the funkiest place in town. I know my girls spent many happy hours under the disco ball with the music pumping at our local skate place (which is still there!).

This is a happy feel good story which would be not just a fun read-aloud but a really useful addition to your suite of resources for positive learning skills. Recommended for readers from around 4 years upwards.