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The World of Roald Dahl – with illustrations by Quentin Blake


Penguin Australia

September 2020

Another stunning book from Puffin as the anniversary celebrations roll out and let’s face it, Roald Dahl is a gift that keeps on giving. I know I wouldn’t be the only one to need to keep replenishing RD books as they become increasingly battered due to much borrowing and joyful reading.

This super-fun compendium of activities, facts, quizzes and games will absolutely delight any Roald Dahl fan and with holidays fast approaching (and not much chance of anyone going anywhere) could well be the perfect antidote to the dreaded “I’m borrrr-ed.”

Given that it is Roald Dahl Day during this coming week, I think I’m going to offer this up as a super give-away for our junior school kiddos and feel pretty confident that there will be much finger-crossing to be the lucky winner!!

This will make a superb gift for any small human bean of your acquaintance and if not soon then a terrific present to put away for Christmas!

It goes without saying that I highly recommend it for your avid RD fans.

Roald Dahl Day 13th September

Willy Wonka’s Everlasting Book of Fun – Roald Dahl



Penguin Australia

February 2020

ISBN: 9780241428139

Imprint: Puffin

RRP: $14.99

What a legacy Roald Dahl left to us!  His books still remain some of the most heavily borrowed in the library, they are a staple of read-alouds in the classroom and the fun just keeps on coming to one generation after another.

While the long holidays might be over there are bound to be moments when your kiddos are going to moan that they are bored – whether it’s wet weather or some other circumstance – and this scrumdiddlyumptious collection of 365 wondrous activities will be so popular that no one will want to share.

Join Willy Wonka for a tour around the fabulous Chocolate Factory with games, quizzes, puzzles, characters and of course recipes to try out on the family or friends. Just saying, the strawberry-flavoured chocolate-coated fudge sounds like it would truly be worth a go – of course, you might need to fight for your piece!

Thank you Roald Dahl for the richness you bequeathed to us and may the joy just keep on rippling through the years!

Highly recommended for readers from around 8 years upwards.

Animal Activity: Cut , fold and make your own wild things – Isabel Thomas



May 2017

ISBN: 9781408870068
Imprint: Bloomsbury Activity Books

RRP $14.99

Bloomsbury just has the BEST activity books for all ages! This is a super treat for lovers of science and nature. It’s described as a ‘self-destructing, action-packed activity book’ and it certainly is.

So much to cut, fold, create, share, display and think about it that kids will be itching to get their hands and scissors onto it.

As well as the interactive activities there is loads of information about critters and such. With 63 pages of fun to be had – this will make a great gift for that busy child who needs a bit of quiet time (well, it might be the family that needs the quiet time). With The Divine Miss M’s birthday approaching in just a few weeks this will be a perfect addition to her gift bag – and keep her out of her mother’s hair for a bit!

Highly recommended for kids who love to ‘make’ from around 7 years upwards.

Happy Holidays for Everyone (especially parents!)


Here in Queensland, the independent schools broke up over a week ago and the state schools finished up last Friday. I can guarantee that there are already kids complaining about being bored!  Any of these will stop them in their tracks.


The Arty Book – Nikalas Catlow, David Sinden



September 2016

ISBN: 9781408870662

Imprint: Bloomsbury Activity Books


When this first arrived in my pile of books I thought it would be a ‘how to’ book but in fact, it is a wonderfully interactive activity book for budding artists.

Each page has a minimal start to a new project for the reader. Whether this involves drawing, colouring, painting, applying tape or even leaves, the happy reader will spend hours creating their own take on the suggested idea.

A terrific holiday or rainy day book for anyone, this one is going to a very busy little seven year old.


The Anti-Boredom Christmas Book – Andy Seed



December 2016

ISBN: 9781408870105

Imprint: Bloomsbury Childrens

RRP $12.99

Now this will really hit a high note with any child who needs something to while waiting for Santa to arrive.

Find out how to say snow in 16 different languages; discover who banned Christmas carols; act out your own wacky routine of the Twelve Days of Christmas… and much much more!

Chock-a-block with many funny and fantastic facts, quizzes, games and other activities, this will guarantee any frazzled parent some quiet time.

Some hilarious artwork [Scott Garrett] adds to the overall festive flavour.  Andy Seed has also published some other anti-boredom books which may well be worth adding to your collection for  moments of the inevitable “Mum, I’m bored” moments.

My Lovely Christmas Book



November 2016

ISBN: 9781408883679

Imprint: Bloomsbury Activity

RRP $11.99

And yet another great book from Bloomsbury Activity, this one is full of colourful pages for the owner to cut and create projects such as frames or pockets, spaces to doodle and diarise, write poems or lists, make Christmas tags and much more.

There are simple activities like ‘spot the difference’ or mazes as well as whole pages for writing ‘what I like to eat at Christmas’ or thank you letters.

A really lovely and pretty book with its scarlet cover and green edged pages not to mention the lovely silvery title and robins on the front cover!



Look and Learn Fun


Look and Learn Fun

Allen & Unwin

Bloomsbury Activity Books


Christmas is coming and though these would not be a good fit for your library they would be perfect pressies for any little people in your life.

As educators we know that play and learning not only should go together but must especially in the early years.  These bright attractive activity books with over 350 stickers each have all the appeal to get little ones involved and enjoying each page.



ISBN 9781409676282


With pages dedicated to single colours as well as some that focus on the primary colours this is a great way for little ones to become expert on the colour names, have fun with drawing, colouring and tracing.  Along the way there are matching ‘same’ things, counting and practising writing as well.

Of course what is super about this is that ‘Colour’ is spelled the way we do in Australia and as an English book the script used is very similar to those used in our schools.



ISBN 9781409676299


The shapes included are not only the basic plane shapes but also some such as star, oval, octagon and two pages which look at cones and cylinders which are of course 3d shapes with which children are very familiar for one reason or another.

Again there is plenty to keep little hands and minds busy with this one with lots of everyday items for reference to the shapes used as well as those a bit more unusual.


Both books conclude with a ‘certificate’ page to recognise the prowess of little learners.  The format of the ‘handle’ at the top of the book is pretty cute I have to admit.  There are four others in the series: ABC, 123, Phonics and Counting.  I think these are perfect for 3-5 years but of course would also be useful for children a little older who may be struggling with some of these concepts.

If you have some younger ones in your family or friends’ circles these would be very welcome gifts for sure.

The Clementine Rose Busy Day Book – Jacqueline Harvey



ISBN: 9780857984111

Published: 01/10/2014

Imprint: Random House Australia Children’s

Extent: 96 pages

RRP $17.99

With the excitement of Christmas over, some little people may need something to keep them busy as the last few weeks of holidays stretch out and all those girls who have enjoyed the Clementine Rose stories will just love this activity book.

Whether it’s writing, drawing, colouring, puzzling, sticker-ing or reading, little girls will enjoy finding out much more about all the characters from Penberthy Floss. There is also loads of learning new vocabulary or little facts about other places, hobbies, pets and celebrations.

I particularly like that there are quite simple and ‘easy’ activities for those whose reading/writing skills may still be developing – and in fact, look forward to sharing it with Small for this very reason as well as all those fun things she will enjoy like teacup pigs and other animals, and drawing ‘fashion’.  There are even recipes for some of Clementine’s favourite foods!

Very much recommended for busy little girls who are emergent/developing/newly independent readers.