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Happy 2023 and 10 years of Just So Stories


Greetings one and all !! Why yes, I have been AWOL while it’s been the school holidays. After a pretty shitty year, and still many unresolved issues I needed some recharge time. I’ve done a LOAD of reading – just haven’t actually written the reviews but now it’s looking like it could be time to get cracking. I am also undertaking a course of study this year, plus trying to find some part-time work besides the grind of relief teaching so posts will likely be a bit haphazard :-).

That being said this year marks a decade since I started the blog. I had been writing a few reviews in a small way after being asked to help out a professional colleague – and that started a whole new hobby with publishers approaching me on a regular basis. So I decided to start collating the reviews. Thus, not all of the reviews I’ve ever written are found here but I’m going to dig around to see if I can find some of the old ones – which might be interesting I think.

Last year my stats were about 10.5k views for the year which was great and I’m hoping that the figures will continue to rise (HINT HINT -tell your friends!). To celebrate the 10k+ and the 10th year I’m going to give away a book (at least one) each month of the year. Given I’m unemployed and still got The Kid to raise, these will only be posted within Australia but if you’d like to be in the running – just message me on the post/s as they come up.

In the meantime, I hope everyone had a good Xmas and New year as did The Kid and I – quietly at the beach with our adopted family. 2023 is the Year of Good Things – we all need that I think!

Alice-Miranda at School: 10th Anniversary Edition – Jacqueline Harvey



Penguin Random House Australia

February 2020

ISBN: 9781760896034

Imprint: Penguin

RRP: $19.99

Parents (and librarians) of the legion Alice-Miranda fans you are hereby warned! It will not matter one jot whether your devotee has every title in the series they will vociferously demand this gorgeous anniversary edition become part of their collection.

This beautiful hardback with its sumptuous gilt scrolling will be the piece de resistance for any lover of the tiny indomitable compassionate child we have all come to know and love.

From her first appearance ten years ago Alice-Miranda has gone from strength to strength with readers,  even thos who would now be considered too old for the readership still happily delving into the pages of her adventures.

Jacqueline’s understanding of what makes such stories relevant and meaningful to her readers is superb and she is unwavering in her commitment to provide fun and excitement along with kindness and courage exemplars for her fans.

Readers have just had the excitement of seeing Alice-Miranda in her first animated film appearance (an event that caused joy of immense proportions for so many!) and now they will revel in holding this precious gift of a book in their hands.

A beautifully written letter from Jacqueline prefaces this edition and her readers, both  young and old, will love the insight into the creation of A-M and her journey into published work.

You know and I know that I don’t need to ‘sell’ this one – like all the other titles (18 in all, along with other activity books and so on) – will just jump off the shelves into the hands of those who sincerely hope that this tiny dynamo has many more adventures in store.

Either as a special gift or just because – this one is a must-have! Congratulations Jacqueline Harvey on this wonderful milestone and thank you for all the joy that Alice-Miranda along with Clementine Rose plus Kensy and Max have brought to us all.