365 Days of Calm – Becky Goddard-Hill


Harper Collins Australia

April 2023

RRP: $19.99

  • ISBN: 9780008545222
  • ISBN 10: 0008545227
  • Imprint: Collins GB

I probably needed this book – well, the first copy sent to me at least – as the courier delivering it left out on my back verandah, not under cover, while we were away for the weekend – a weekend that ended with one of our biggest summer storms. Needless to say, I couldn’t really ‘read’ the book when I discovered it. But it was definitely worth the wait, I can assure you.

While it’s being marketed as a children’s ‘well being’ book, frankly I see it as being applicable to any one, young or old. I certainly intend to keep it and have it close by – like my bedside table – so that I can remind myself to stay positive, focused and, yes, calm no matter what is happening. Right now, packing up to move house after just a year, I’ve not been feeling very calm but then I remember, that it was my choice to get out of this nasty house, that I have money enough in the bank to achieve it, and that, this year, finding a new rental was a much smoother and happier process.

Before I left my school before last, we were doing a big revamp of our non-fiction and had created a collection which we were calling the ‘warm fuzzy’ books and this would be a perfect fit for those titles. Whether you are in a primary or secondary school, this would be a very appropriate addition to your shelves. If you are neither, it would make a thoughtful gift for either child or adult (remember, Mother’s Day is coming up!).It is super soothing with it’s lovely colour palette and format, plus the combination of quotes, affirmations and activities provides something to appeal to every reader.

I think after the last few years we’ve had (and certainly me!) we can all use a little more positive mindset so why not splurge and buy yourself a copy? Highly recommended for anyone you care about – from around ten years old to 110 :-).

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