Coral Reefs [Usborne Beginners]


Harper Collins

April 2023

RRP: $9.99

  1. ISBN: 9781474999366
  2. ISBN 10: 1474999360
  3. Imprint: Usborne GB

Given that we are Queenslanders, we have a certain affinity with coral and the beauty of the reef and its inhabitants is something we all treasure (and want to protect). One way to do that is to educate our youngsters and encourage them to also value this natural wonder. Of course, ours is not the only coral reef and they are all fascinating ecosystems, filled with curious and amazing creatures and species.

This is one of a marvellous series of non-fiction books that cater particularly to emergent independent readers with easily accessible text and facts, stunning photographic images and attractive, engaging illustrations. A further plus is that by using the Quicklinks at the end, children and their parents can access many interesting websites and activities to further explore this natural wonder.

One of over 80 titles, it would be a great thing to see how many will fit the interests of your little people and add to your collection. We all know the appeal of quality non-fiction for these smallest readers.

Highly recommended for your kiddos from around Year 1 upwards and of course, fits beautifully with curriculum topics on Ocean, Australian natural features or the Environment.

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