Audrey Hepburn: The Illustrated World of a Fashion Icon – Megan Hess


Hardie Grant Books

October 2022

ISBN: 9781743798362

RRP: $39.99

I guess in the traditional sense, this is not a picture book but given it’s my blog and I can do what I like *grin* – I’m calling it as my last post for Picture Book Month because it IS a picture book and it is just utterly enchanting. I go as far as to say, it is an exquisite jewel of a book and, hands down, the most beautiful book I’ve held this year.

I’m not sure exactly what I was expecting when I requested this but simply did so because it’s Audrey – who wouldn’t? But when it arrived I was simply blown away.

Yes, it gives some pertinent details about the life and career of one of the greatest icons of the 20th century – her childhood, the war years, her education, her dancing dreams, her career and, more importantly, her legacy but it is not vast chunks of text enlivened with perhaps photographs or other visual ephemera.

This is a work of art in itself and the subject would, I feel, greatly approve of it. The incredible artwork which is offset by the delightful short bursts of information is one of the loveliest concepts I’ve seen in a book about a person. Most people know I give away the great majority of my review books – particularly to school libraries who might struggle at times with budgeting – but the very rare one I might keep and truly, this is so beautiful, it will likely be one of those treasures. With it’s beautiful artwork, the sumptuous binding, the gilt-edged pages!! – from every angle this is just a pleasure to behold.

For any school library it is a gorgeous edition to your bio collection but can I suggest, that with Xmas approaching at rapid speed, if you have a young person interested in fashion or movie icons, this would make a superlative gift – for anyone from as young as ten or so.

I’m in love with it – and CANNOT wait to see the Grace Kelly one coming out next year!!

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