Peppa Loves the Great Barrier Reef


Penguin Australia

September 2020

  • ISBN: 9780241457542
  • Imprint: Ladybird
  • RRP: $14.99

Planning on taking your little ones on a virtual trip around Australia? Then what better way than with one of their favourite characters! Peppa and her family are visiting Kylie Kangaroo and when Mrs Kangaroo offers to take them along to her work they are in for a really fantastic experience.

Into Mrs Kangaroo’s submarine and under the beautiful tropical waters of Queensland they go, to be amazed by the beautiful Great Barrier Reef. Naturally there is lots to see – of course, coral and clownfish but also sea stars (starfish) and other creatures in all the colours of the rainbow. George Pig had wondered if under-the-sea would look the same as Kylie’s fish tank with its bridge and treasure chest and even though Daddy Pig had gently told him that it would not be, the Pig family are quite surprised to see a bridge after – albeit one made of vibrant coral. Even more startling is George’s discovery of a real treasure chest filled with gold coins!

While it would indeed be a marvellous find to come across a treasure chest of gold in the Reef, we all know that it is, in fact, the Barrier Reef itself that is the real treasure and Mrs Kangaroo is mindful of teaching the young Pigs to care for this fragile environment.

For all your Peppa Pig fans as well as a wonderful addition to a classroom unit exploring our natural wonders. Recommended for any little readers from around five years upwards.

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