Dry to Dry – Pamela Freeman/Liz Anelli


Walker Books Australia

August 2020

ISBN: 9781760650285
Imprint: Walker Books Australia

Australian RRP: $26.99
New Zealand RRP: $28.99

Whether you are looking to provide your readers with more cross-cultural perspectives or simply looking at weather or really if you just revel in beautiful picture books, this is a winner. And frankly, if it’s not an actual winner in upcoming book awards I’ll be very surprised.

With a marvellous lyrical narrative accompanied by simply stunning illustrations, the reader can explore the changing seasons, the landscape and the teeming wildlife of Kakadu. We may not all be able to visit this very special location in reality but for an armchair tour this is a must-do.

From the Dry to the Wet and back to the Dry the seasons in Kakadu are each in their own way spectacular and both text and illustrations provide an upclose encounter with this unique Australian locale. The abundance and the variety of species both flora and fauna are astonishing whether in the tropical wetlands or on the rocky slopes: thousands of birds, insects, reptiles and mammals will intrigue young readers and give rise to many animated conversations and deep learning.

Kakadu is truly an amazing place and one which is high on the list for many to visit and enjoy but there is no doubt that it also out of reach for many so this will be the perfect substitute for any would-be tourist or for your unit of work be it Australian natural features, wildlife, weather or Indigenous perspectives.

Highly recommended for readers from around 7 years upwards.

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