Me Time: The self-care guide to being your own best friend- Jessica Sanders


Five Mile

October 2019

ISBN: 9781925970036
ISBN-10: 1925970035

RRP $24.95

Raising teenagers can be a minefield. Having raised three daughters and now raising my teen granddaughter, I can fully attest to this. I reckon we need all the help we can get and I’m a firm believer in both empowering and encouraging our young women to be their best selves.

There is a growing market for books for teens to grow their self-belief, confidence and self-care but I really love this particular book as it offers simple and practical – and most of all do-able – suggestions to help girls in particular ensure they take care of their physical and mental well-being.

Melbourne-based Jess Sanders is an author, advocate and social worker who has made it her mission to provide tools for others to build their own ‘self-relationships’. Her Re-Shape enterprise and first project Learning to Love Your Body have been hailed as great successes and she has now turned her attention to addressing other aspects of self-belief.

Filled with a variety of advice, tips and activities from one minutes duration to whole days, there is much to explore.

This is going to be a perfect book to share with The Kid as she continues her journey through her teens and I would highly recommend it to you for your daughters or other girls.

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