Real Me. Real You? – Glenn Manton


Glenn Manton

May 2020

RRP: $17.99

Glenn Manton is not afraid to tackle big questions for young people and in the past twenty years he has done so as a well-known speaker. Those of us in secondary schools, in particular, have observed first-hand the confusion and misinformation that many of our students hold and in the past few months, I think it would be fair to say, that this has escalated.

I know that my Senior school coordinators have been keen to acquire resources to support their pastoral care program and I will have no hesitation in recommending this one to them.

Glenn poses questions and pairs these with anecdotes and links to articles, social media, films, song lyrics – all is grist to his mill as he explores the topics that most consume our youth.

50 gritty and sometimes confronting questions will provide provocations for any group of students (or indeed adults) and spur on deep and meaningful conversations, reflections and actions – and certainly without doubt vigorous discussions.

I’d have to say he pretty much had me when I saw the suggestion to watch Eddie Izzard’s Death Star Canteen clip (Can People Choose their Sexuality?) :-).

All in all this is a winner – I would suggest that if you intend to use it with middle school students (depending on your school’s ethos) you will want to select your topics but for senior students I think this is a fabulous resource that will resonate with all – even the most reluctant, resistant or recalcitrant. Highly recommended as a valuable addition to your pastoral care suite.

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