Anthony Horowitz display


So I’m putting together a display on Anthony Horowitz to mark the 20th anniversary of Alex Rider, the new AR book Nightshade and the upcoming TV series. When I shared these on Twitter it was quite the thrill to get responses from Anthony himself – thank you!  Feeling just a bit chuffed I have to say – now to finish it off!!

Anthony Horowitz

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Thank you, Sue. It looks fabulous. Hope you and the children stay safe and well.
4:32 PM · May 12, 2020 from Islington, LondonTwitter for iPad
Sue Warren

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I’m hoping to make it look even more fabulous! but thank you! – our year 11/12 kids are back (plus little ones in the junior school) after six weeks gone – and very happy to be so. This needs to be finished before the rest of my Sec kiddos get back at the end of next week! 🙂

Anthony Horowitz

They’re lucky to have you!

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