The Astronaut’s Cat – Tohby Riddle



Allen & Unwin

March 2020

ISBN 9781760524944

RRP: $24.99

Tohby Riddle comments that he could not have predicted just how apt  his new book would be given our current circumstances but it really is going to be a perfect story to share and discuss with your readers.

Given how many cats have come and gone in my life and just how many times I’ve maintained ‘this one is going to be an inside cat’ I’m pretty impressed with a cat who despite her insatiable curiosity (like all cats! our kitten fell into the fishpond just ten minutes ago trying to get a better look!) is content to stay inside her astronaut’s space ship and dream of running and leaping in the outdoors whether that be moonscape or Earth. The astronaut’s cat does have plenty to do inside – much of which involves chasing her ball – and she really doesn’t very much like what she can see out of the window. To her mind the moon looks very dull and boring but there would be advantages and she can easily imagine herself leaping gravity-free from one silvery grey rock to another.

As so many are also dreaming of what they might do or where they might be when this looking out the window and ‘stay at home’ strange period of our lives is done, the astronaut’s cat revels in her imagined playspace. So many are bemoaning their forced isolation but we tend to forget that there are those who do this as a matter of course – astronauts, scientists of all disciplines and spiritual beings among them. Perhaps our time now to reflect and dream is a blessing in disguise.

Like all Tohby’s books the illustrations are charming and with quirky details which will amuse the readers just as much as the story.

For another take on the Earth’s wonders, the mystery of the Moon and of course for all cat-lovers I highly recommend this to you and your readers from around 5 years upwards. Certainly a perfect book to share at this point in time!


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