Super Nova – Krys Saclier/Rebecca Timms


Super-NovaFord St Publishing

October 2019

ISBN: 9781925804300

RRP: $16.95

Here’s another terrific book to add to your discussions about sibling rivalry as well as Mighty Girls.  Nova’s brother knows she’s up to no good. He’s getting quite fed up with copping the blame for her nefarious actions like taking Dad’s freshly baked muffins or tangling up Granny’s wool, not to mention taking biggest brother Harry’s science kit.

He’s determined to uncover her peccadilloes and reveal to all that she is not the angelic child everyone believes her to be.

When he follows her out into the yard he discovers, with much astonishment, what she’s really up to. Nova is waging a battle against an alien invasion! She deftly foils their plot with the lure of muffins, her throw-net crafted from wool and smartly packs them into the spaceship built from Harry’s set, hurtling them back into space.

Astute and observant readers will love to spot the alien hiding in each illustration until the horde of them is finally revealed and will thoroughly enjoy the vibrancy of each spread. Nova’s brother is so impressed with her courageous and defiant defeat of the invading creatures that he willingly takes the blame for her being out of doors so late and with that, the jealousy disappears and is replaced by pride in his awesome little sister.

A thoroughly enjoyable romp of a read which young children will love and will provide a springboard for many a fantastical discussion on ways in which invading aliens might be thwarted.

Love it! Recommended for little humans from around Prep upwards.

Click to access Super-Nova-Teachers-Notes.pdf


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