Scribbly Gum Secrets – Dannika Patterson and Megan Forward



Ford St Publishing

April 2020

ISBN: 9781925804485

RRP: $16.99

Exactly a month ago today I had the great pleasure of meeting both Dannika and Megan at Booklinks’ Romancing the Stars event held at Iona College –  the last gathering before our social lives were turned completely upside down – and the joy of them both telling about the creation of this delightful book.

And how very timely it is as so many stay-at-home families opt for simpler pleasures and take their outings in the local environs that this new picture book can inspire the joy of natural discoveries in children.

A mother takes her four children for a walk in the neighbourhood parkland – which for us lucky Queenslanders often means a place filled with trees and wildlife big and small – and together they observe all kinds of fascinating critters. For little Charlie the most intriguing aspect is the strange writing all over so many trees – what does it mean? Frustratingly, no one seems willing to tear themselves away from their own discoveries to bother to explain it to him – but finally Mother does. Much to Charlie’s astonishment and complete disbelief, she tells him that it’s the work of a very busy grub. He finds that completely incomprehensible but knows that one day, when he can read, he will uncover the secret meaning of those scribbles.

This is gentle, beautiful and so utterly synced to not only our current situation but for all future excursions into the ‘wild’. Text and illustrations combine perfectly to evoke the peaceful and soothing joys to be had in spending simple wholesome family time together.

Highly recommended for families – young children from as young as three will enjoy this very much.

Check out more on Dannika’s webpage.



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