Green Eggs and Ham  [60th Birthday edition] – Dr Seuss



Harper Collins Australia

February 2020

ISBN: 9780008373115

ISBN 10: 0008373116

Imprint: HarperCollins – GB

List Price: 9.99 AUD

For me the most iconic of Dr Seuss’ many books and perhaps one that is parodied most often, this year is the 60th anniversary of Sam-I-am being pestered to eat the most disgusting thing he’s ever been offered. With a brand new Netflix series launching the re-issue of this will be a hot favourite with both children and their parents who are ready to indulge in a bit of nostalgia.

So Dr Seuss has had some bad press in recent years but there is no denying that his popularity remains undiminished and his books a staple for any beginning readers…. IMO rightly so.

While it is the special anniversary of this treasure Harper Collins are also re-issuing a number of classic favourites for younger readers and are even re-jacketing them (in response to consumer demand) for those who feel that a ‘reading level’ (ARGGH) is desirable. This will please many but what will please more people is that lovely shiny new editions of our childhood’s most memorable books will be available for a new generation of readers.

This birthday issue will make a perfect gift to seed a little person’s book collection or for your own shelves so make sure you get one. I think my copy will make a highly desirable prize in the junior library – if it makes it that far!

There is no need to recommend Dr Seuss – his wonderful contribution to children and reading speaks for itself – but grab yours now so your little ones don’t miss out! Get your party started and grab some special fun from Seussville !

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