Bugs in Danger – Mark Kurlansky



Bloomsbury Australia






Bloomsbury Children’s Books

RRP: $20.00

I think there are many of us who are looking out for books that will both engage our students as well as inform them with the intention of developing their environmental conscience. I think there would be many who are already hanging bee motels and hopefully more who will be growing flowering plants and other garden activities to encourage the continued survival of our minibeast wildlife.

We all know the plight of the bees but it’s not just those vital insects disappearing. Numbers of ladybirds, dragonflies and butterflies have also been declining and it’s imperative that we all play our part in not only protecting them but encouraging their numbers to re  -build.

This book with its black-and-white line illustrations and fun chapter heading like: Honey I’m Home, Why Bees Boogie, The Vanishing Act and Meet the Beetles outlines a history and the importance of insects in our world. It concludes with What Can I Do? so that readers can enact their own action plan for a backyard blitz on bringing back the bugs.

Young readers and adults alike will enjoy this and find it interesting, informative and inspiring.

Recommended for readers from around 10 years up to any age!

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