My Folks Grew Up in the ‘80s – Beck and Robin Feiner


y648 (5)

HarperCollins Australia

September 2019

ISBN: 9780733339417

ISBN 10: 0733339417

Imprint: ABC Books – AU

List Price: 24.99 AUD

Well of course it is great fun for kids to have a laugh at their parents but there’s also that more serious side of researching  personal or modern history – sounds good don’t you think?

Any of us who lived through the 80s (and possibly those of us who had teenagers back then) can pat ourselves on the back that we actually made it through all the weirdness that embodies that decade.

Big hair and big shoulders, flouro and hypercolour, lycra (arrghhh!) and legwarmers, breakdancing and Blind Date and telephone books and tapes – it’s all here in blazing and humiliating glory, ready for instant hysterical laughter from the younger generation.

This madly colourful and highly entertaining takes readers through a high-speed tour of the best  worst of everything their parents or other family members remember fondly.

It’s a laugh on every page and totally cringe-worthy. Don’t miss out – or more importantly don’t let your kiddos miss out.

I’m planning on letting the Kid take a look just to see what her mum and her aunties looked like and did back in their wild abandoned youth (well some of it!).

Highly recommended for kids from around 8 years upwards – or adults who just want to reminisce…..b708d78c6a833b3624217da24deae669


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