Dr Karl’s Random Road Trip Through Science – Dr Karl Kruszelnicki



Harper Collins

October 2019

ISBN: 9780733340321

ISBN 10: 0733340326

Imprint: ABC Books – AU

RRP:  35.00 AUD

There can be no denying Dr Karl’s contribution to making science hip and fun for all ages. In this, his 45th book (!!!), he takes readers on an amazing and colourful journey through many different aspects of science particularly topics that are ‘hot’ at the moment.

Really, where to start is the question! Do you want to know more about genetics and pregnancy? Or perhaps you’d like to investigate whether cannibalism is nutritious? Maybe it’s the eternal question of why wombats poo cubes? Or possibly it’s the mysteries of coral spawning you are seeking to unravel?

All these and much much more will be revealed over the course of almost 200 pages of astounding facts and articles all of which are colourfully illustrated with collages and pictures from Pilar Costabel.

Readers of all ages from around ten to adult will delight in delving into this treasure trove of scientific wonder and likely repeatedly as they discover more and more fascinating snippets.

A fabulous teaching guide is located here if you choose to use this in your classroom.

Highly recommended for all those who seek to learn more about the weird and wacky world of science.

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