Toffle Towers #1: Fully Booked – Tim Harris/James Foley




August 2019

ISBN: 9780143795421

Imprint: Puffin

RRP: $14.99

Tim Harris, creator of the remarkable Mr Bambuckle, presents an equally daffy protagonist in this new series. Chegwin Toffle may be only ten years old but he is one very determined entrepreneur albeit prone to wild imaginings and daydreams. Chegwin is the sole beneficiary of his hitherto unknown great-uncle Terrence Toffle’s estate which turns out to be an extremely run-down and unprofitable hotel on the other side of the country. As one would expect Chegwin knows nothing about running a hotel and his parents know less if possible but being a caring child Chegwin is determined to give it a go if only to save the jobs of those loyal employees still in place at Toffle Towers.

It’s a tough gig in many ways not the least of which is the rival and wildly successful hotel nearby but Chegwin is not a dreamer for nothing. His imaginative strategies and the support of new friends and eccentric staff see a real turn-around in the hotel’s fortunes. Things just keep growing and growing and flying buses, milkshake baths and star-gazing dining rooms are just part of the process.

In a success story filled with laughs, odd characters (including Chegwin’s eccentric parents) and hilarious adventures Tim Harris has created a hotel to rival even the legendary Fawlty establishment. James Foley has completely captured the essence of the story and characters in his humorous illustrations and all in all this is bound to be a real hit with young readers.

Highly recommended for readers from around Year 3 upwards who will eagerly be looking forward to the next instalment!

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