Jack and the Jungle – Malachi Doyle/Paddy Donnelly



A Bloomsbury Young Reader


May 2019

ISBN: 9781472959614
Imprint: Bloomsbury Education
Series: Bloomsbury Young Readers

RRP: $9.99

Many of us are continually searching for quality stories and books that will not only engage our struggling readers but help them progress in their reading journey. Certainly this stands for me as I help No-Longer-Small in her language difficulties. I have found from long experience and more recently by being super-selective with what I choose for her to read at home that a book written by an author with a real feel for what children enjoy hits the right spot and spurs the reader on.

Yes this range of readers has equivalent recognised ‘levels’ to inform purchasers but more than that they are a fun narrative and offer some extension ideas for educators and parents. They also have the advantage of attractive illustrations to enhance the text. The series is further informed by having leaders in reading expertise and strategies as advisors so one can be assured that there is a sound foundation underlying the development of the titles.

If you are searching for quality reading material for your lower level emergent readers this would be not only  a fine choice for the above but economically reasonable as well.

Highly recommended for educators, home schoolers or those looking for read-alone titles for either younger readers or those who are facing some challenges.

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