Utterly Uber Usborne #2


Lift-the-Flap Engineering


Harper Collins

ISBN: 9781474943659

ISBN 10: 1474943659

Imprint: Usborne – GB

December 2018

List Price: 19.99 AUD

A kid is never too old for a lift-the-flap book and that has been evidenced by the satisfying reaction of a little boy I know who has been fascinated by the ‘Bridges’ book in this series. I am super confident he’s going to love this one just as well!

Creative engineering has been a bit of a hot topic for me in recent times for my after school Wednesday afternoon group which, when I first took it over was stuck in an endless rut of Code Club, but has now expanded to many variations on the STEAM movement. At present my group (ages vary from 7/8 to 12/13 and both boys and girls) are attempting to build functioning ferris wheels using (mostly) popsticks. It is quite entertaining to watch (ok I do need to get out more) but also a fabulous exercise for them in problem-solving, trial-and-error, care with materials and construction and collaboration.

This book covers topics such a flight, robots, gadgets and machines, helping people and the world and future possibilities. As with others in the series the pages are sturdy enough to withstand much handling and flap-lifting (think giant board book).

All in all these are a terrific way to get younger readers interested in topics which will intrigue and inspire them.


1000 Things Under the Sea – Jessica Greenwell/Nikki Dyson





ISBN: 9781474951333

ISBN 10: 1474951333

Imprint: Usborne – GB

List Price: 19.99 AUD


1000 Animals – Jessica Greenwell/Nikki Dyson


ISBN: 9781474951340

ISBN 10: 1474951341

Imprint: Usborne – GB

August 2018

List Price: 19.99 AUD

There’s not a great deal to say about these two beautiful books except just that. Each one features double spreads filled with clearly captioned images of creatures found in various habitats. The underwater version is sub-divided into categories such as Coral Reefs, Warm Waters, Deep Dark Seas and Lots of Jellyfish while the animal edition covers living things from bugs to farm animals in a similar styled array.

Additionally each features an index and the Sea book also contains pages on treasures found by scuba diving and underwater machines.  They are colourful and very visually appealing as well as being a virtual encyclopedia of their individual themes.

Children from as young as three will delight in poring over these time and time again as they discover new favourites.



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