Clementine Rose and the Bake-Off Dilemma [#14] – Jacqueline Harvey



Penguin Random House


December 3, 2018

Random House Australia Children’s

RRP: $14.99

Clemmie is back with not only a new adventure but also some new and exciting family news!

Penberthy House is busier than ever now that Lady Clarissa and Drew are married, which means that Clemmie has a new step-brother in Will. Also of course, there’s been the revelation of Clemmie’s biological mother, Clarissa’s cousin Eliza – daughter of Great-Aunt Violet- and Clementine is still adjusting to calling the old lady Granny.  There’s also the weirdness of Granny and Uncle Digby being so ‘nice’ to each other – what’s that about? Even more so Mummy is not well. She keeps feeling sick and needing to rest – what on earth can be wrong with her? Just as the most exciting event is about to happen as well – The Great Village Bake-Off is about to staged right in Penberthy Floss!

There is keen competition for the title of winner and Clementine is super happy that there is to be a kid’s competition as well. She is spending lots of time practising some very interesting cake ideas. When the actual competition begins though there are numerous inexplicable disasters from flopped cakes to broken ovens. Someone is sabotaging the bake-off! Nobby and Florence Loveberry, the show’s hosts seem to think this is quite normal but Clementine and Will are quite sure that someone is up to mischief and of course, are determined to solve the mystery.

Fortunately there is a happy outcome (of course) and not only is the bake-off puzzle resolved but also the problem of Mummy’s sickness. She’s not sick at all – she’s pregnant! Wow! Clemmie and Will are going to have a little brother or sister to play with.

Clementine Rose has established herself as a huge favourite with the younger readers and this delicious episode will, no doubt, take the cake with them all! I foresee an upswing in my usual Book Week cooking competition as a result once my girls get their hands on it!

This is such a happy series with delightful characters and a great sense of family solidity. It’s no wonder these books are never on the shelves of the library and are so highly sought after in the returns line!

Highly recommended for readers from around seven years upwards.

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