Slowhand: The Life and Music of Eric Clapton – Philip Norman




NOV 6, 2018 | 9781474606561 | RRP $32.99

Over the past week or so I’ve had the pleasure (despite my almost complete exhaustion at the end of year with long commutes etc) to read each night some of this new biography of the legend who is Eric Clapton.

For many of us fans, a great deal of his history is known, even if only in sketchy detail. Philip Norman, with his long experience of writing biographies of numerous musicians, coupled with his own experience within the music industry, has created a detailed warts-and-all insight into the Master.

From his early childhood, which was in part tragic due to the callous abandonment by his mother, but also blessed as his beloved grandmother and step-grandfather raised him as their own to the most recent of his achievements, Norman traces it all via in-depth conversations with friends, family and ex-partners.

This is a man who has triumphed over his demons his whole life, and in one way or another is, actually, pretty lucky to have survived. But survivor he is, and has risen above all the adversities, deadly habits and tragedies, including the death of his much-loved little son, to become arguably the most well-known and able guitarist in the world.

The boy who yearned for his own guitar, and went through many ‘bangers’ until he could afford the best of the best, and listened relentlessly to his heroes of the great blues tradition, has become a lodestone for those who not only aspire to carry on the blues tradition, but also those who seek to rise above their addictions and self-harm.

Altogether an inspiring read, filled with drama, humour, pathos and resilience, if you are a fan you will love it, and if you’re not you just might be after reading it – and even if not, you will not be able to help coming away with a sense of admiration for this man.

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