Who Hid the Socks?  – Rosemary Coombs/ Lorraine Robertson & Warren Brown



Bullawai Books

April 2018

  • 9780994611819
  • 9780994611826

RRP: $16.99

We all know the problem of disappearing socks. Miss Small favours odd socks but even with that un-complication we still seem to be scratching around for the little blighters often.

So many children will get the giggles as they help search for the missing socks in the illustrations in this new book. Part rhyme and part prose it has a joyful rhythm and lots of interaction along the way.

In all this time I’ve never expected that the family cat (or cats in our case) might be responsible for sock thievery! But then neither of ours is called Socks so perhaps we will have to search out another thief!

As well as the missing socks children have the opportunity to re-examine the colourful illustrations to find other objects via checklists at the end of the book.

This is a fun and simple book for little readers from around 4 years upwards. It would make a super bedtime read to explore and find all the items.

Recommended for kindy & child care groups as well as Junior Primary classes.

Available on request from Bullawai Books, (Specialist Publication and Editing Services ABN 14790495731)
through email

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  1. Hi Sue, I’m Rosemary Coombs, the author of Who hid the socks? So lovely to read your review, and glad you enjoyed the book. I’ve been to quite a few schools and pre-schools to read the book and it’s gone pretty well with the littlies. Anyway, thanks so much for your review. And FYO, we’ve just published a new children’s book: The Water Lily, (author, Ian MacIntosh, Illus, Lorraine Robertson) which was launched by Tanya Plibersek on Saturday, is all about protecting and enhancing the environment, but written for children. The narrative tells of a lovely flower blooming in a dark place, and transforming it. Let’s know if you’d like a copy. You can email me at Bullawai Books, if that would be suitable. Warm regards, Rosemary.

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