My Australia – Julie Murphy/Garry Fleming



National Library of Australia

April 2018


RRP $24.99

Those of us of a certain vintage will have vivid memories of learning off by heart Dorothea MacKellar’s famous poem My Country at school. For many I guess it may have been a trial but for me it was a joy, not least of all because it was my father’s favourite poem.

This beautiful new picture book is, to my mind, a new incarnation of that joy in our amazing country with its incredible diversity of landforms and wildlife. Lyrically realised in the most wonderful use of imagery and figurative language this is pure pleasure to read.

This visual feast of a journey moves from wetlands to forests, mountains to oceans and gardens to bush with a mesmerising flow. As well as the native fauna and flora there are glimpses of other features of our country’s wealth such as cattle, cities and cottage gardens.

To complete the poetic text lavishly illustrated with marvellous resonant images, the book concludes with several pages of factual information about the wealth of our natural habitats. With a Year 2 unit around People & Places coming up next term and my focus on using Australian picture books which illustrate our diverse nation, this will be a perfect addition.

I can highly recommend it to you for the same reason or just for its sheer beauty.  Highly suitable for use with primary children in particular from as young as prep to upper grades, this is a fine addition to your collection.

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