Where’s My Jumper? – Nicola Slater



Simon & Schuster

Simon & Schuster Children’s UK

ISBN 9781471146213

May 2017

List Price

AU$ 16.99

NZ$ 19.99


This is really adorable I have to say and little humans will totally relate to it. I’m pretty sure almost every kid has had that one item of clothing that they will persist in wearing even when they’ve outgrown it.


Rudy loves his pink jumper even though his tummy shows now when he wears it. It’s a dreadful day when he can’t find it and off he goes to locate the missing apparel. With all manner and numbers of creatures hiding behind flaps and through cut outs little ones will enjoy helping Rudy track down his sweater.


When he finally finds it after many misleading trails of pink yarn, it seems that his little sister has claimed it and because he loves Trudy even more than his jumper he decides it is time for a new one.


Really sweet and really fun – I highly recommend this for little ones from around toddler upwards for its great illustrations, counting and interaction.


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