Laugh-out-loud Awesome Jokes for Kids – Rob Elliott


ISBN: 9780062497963

ISBN 10: 0062497960

Imprint: HarperCollins


List Price: 3.99 AUD


Just a quickie as there’s not a great deal to say about a joke book except – well it’s full of jokes which your kids will love and will, no doubt, drive you completely bonkers!

Rob Elliott’s other collection have been best-sellers and judging by the way joke books suffer the most on our library shelves from their punishing  borrowing schedule, the appetite for them never diminishes with either boys or girls.

Riddles, puns, and knock knocks abound in this collection which will entertain your youngsters especially in these school holidays when parents can become slightly stressed.

What do pandas use to fight?

Their bear hands.

How does a farmer greet his cows?

With a milk shake.


You get the picture – now get the book! Your junior comedians will thank you – and you can always pack them off to the grandparent’s to practice their stand up routines!


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