Not all Superheroes wear Capes – Quentin Kenihan



SEP 27, 2016 | 9780733635359 | RRP $32.99

Hachette Australia

Those of us of a certain age will vividly remember when a tiny boy with a huge personality was first interviewed by Mike Willesee on television. The whole nation was immediately in love with a little boy facing enormous health issues.

When Quentin was born his parents were told that he wouldn’t survive for 24 hours. That baby is now over 40 and this is his memoir of his unexpected life, warts and all.

Over the years as Quentin moved in and out of the public eye Australia still embraced him warmly, though it would be fair to say that very few of us realised the struggles, mental and physical, that Quentin faced on an ongoing basis.

While his genetic condition has caused more physical pain and issues than most of us can even imagine, there have been battles with deep depression, alcohol and drugs, rejection from family and friends and colleagues, difficulties with work and more. There are no holds barred here as Q relates all of these in a very matter-of-fact manner. While he has had many moments of self-pity there is no evidence of it now. Rather here is a man who has triumphed over more adversity than one person deserves, and emerges still positive, still optimistic and still determined.

Quentin’s wit and humour, not to mention his blunt outspokenness, shine through his recollections, making this a highly engaging read. His unabashed name-dropping is a delight as are his exploits all over the globe.

Thank you Quentin for sharing your life with us, although it was often not your choice, many of us feel inspired and enriched knowing your story.

Recommended reading for secondary students and adults alike.




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