The Butterfly Dance – Suzanne Barton



Allen & Unwin

Imprint: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781408864845
ISBN-10: 1408864843
1st April 2017
RRP $24.99

Butterflies are very important in our house. We know when we see them that Mummy is watching and we can send her our messages.

So this beautiful happy book was very well received. Not only is it sweet and pretty but there is a lovely message as well.

Dotty and Stripe are the very best of caterpillar friends. They do everything together – chewing leaves, exploring and playing. One day the time comes for them to make themselves silky hammocks and sleep. What a surprise when they wake to find themselves transformed into butterflies! Flitting and flying around is very exciting but then they realise that all the dotty butterflies are in one part of the meadow and all the striped ones in another. They think they should hang out with their own kind but they miss each other dreadfully. What a relief to eventually find that in another part of the meadow all kinds of butterflies dance together!

Beautifully elegant illustrations swirl throughout as does the text. This is a visual delight.

Whether we are dotty or striped, being different to is no hindrance to being best friends or even being part of a larger group, that’s for sure.

Highly recommended for little people from around 3 years to 7 years.



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