Henry and the Yeti – Russell Ayto



ISBN: 9781408876619
Imprint: Bloomsbury Childrens

March 2017

RRP $12.99

Henry is positive that yetis exist even though no one else nor has proven it either way. Despite ridicule from non-believers, Henry determines to go on an expedition to discover the truth himself. He packs carefully and of course includes a camera to take pictures of the elusive creature. The journey is long and arduous but he is rewarded at last when a HUGE yeti finds him and they have a wonderful time playing and taking ‘selfies’.  When Henry sets off home again, he once again packs all his gear carefully and arrives home triumphantly – but alas! No camera. Just as he is facing the jeers of the disbelievers again, his yeti turns up  – with the camera! Huzzah!

A terrific story for little people about never giving up and believing in yourself.

Recommended for young readers up to about 7 years old.

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