Rock Pool Secrets – Narelle Oliver



Walker Books Australia

April 1, 2017

ISBN: 9781922179357

RRP: $24.99
What a huge loss to our Australian children’s literature community Narelle Oliver is and how privileged am I to be able to review and promote her last book which, again, is a testament to her immeasurable talent.

Rock Pool Secrets takes young readers into the nooks and crannies of our seashore with beautiful illustrations and stunningly crafted lift-the-flaps to find still more. Whether it’s splodgy sea cucumbers or ubiquitous turban shells, sea anemones or the ever delightful hermit crabs – they are all here just waiting to be discovered. These are all the creatures Miss Small loves to spot when we go exploring at low tide so this has special connection for us.  Narelle’s ever elegant lino cut illustrations bring the secrets of the rock pool crevices vividly to life and children will adore poring over them finding their favourites.

The text is simple enough for young children to handle independently but dare I say it is those fabulous illustrations which will the little ones over. The book contains a glossary at the close to help young investigators learn more about their discoveries. What fun it would be to read the book and then go ‘beachwards’ for the real thing!

Needless to say I love it – and it will be staying on my bookshelf! I highly recommend this for your own shelves especially for your little people from around Prep to Year 3 or anyone who loves our sea creatures or Narelle’s brilliant work.

What a finale for this much-loved woman whose gracious presence, generous spirit and beautiful personality so many of us Queenslanders were honoured to encounter.

Find notes for classroom use here.

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