The Godwits – Bruce Pickworth. Illustrations by Lorraine Robertson


The Godwits – Bruce Pickworth. Illustrations by Lorraine Robertson

Bullawai Books, 2016.


ISBN 9780994611802

It’s a long way from Shoalhaven NSW to the shores of the Yellow Sea but even longer to Alaska. For the godwits their annual migration is an amazing natural undertaking that of course is not without its perils.

The godwits need a new leader for their huge journey and that bird will need all the necessary qualities. Making a choice is not easy for old Danta who must protect the flock.

For thirteen year old Wei the anticipation of his favourite birds arriving as they make their way to the far North is tremendous. His special birthday present of a set of binoculars is the perfect gift. How distressing then when he realises that land development is going to threaten his beloved birds. Wei determines to ensure the protection of the godwits by saving the wetlands.

This is a chaptered narrative in picture book format and the amazing and almost unbelievable annual godwit migration is beautifully explained by Bruce within the text.

The strong themes of courage, compassion and leadership make it a perfect choice for studies of environmental issues as well as exploring these qualities in themselves.

Find out more about godwits here or here.

Highly recommended as a valuable addition to your primary library shelves. The book is $16.99 and is available through Dymocks, Children’s Bookshop or email Bullawai Books. Bruce is available for school visits free of charge so keep that in mind!


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  1. This is a lovely children’s book. Beautiful illustrations, strong environmental and conservationist themes, well developed narrative thread. Deserves a wide readership.

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