Willy and the Cloud – Anthony Browne



Walker Books Australia

ISBN: 9781406366969
Release Date: October 1, 2016
Australian RRP: $24.99

Once again, one of my very favourite author/illustrators the immensely talented Anthony Browne takes a serious topic and transforms it into a sophisticated picture book that will be a perfect springboard for discussion with young readers.

Willy the chimp has taken us all on many explorations of concerns and everyday stresses and now helps us to unpack anxiety and depression for children. When Willy sets off for the park the day seems sunny and people seem happy but he is targeted by one lone black cloud which appears to follow him. No matter what he cannot seem to join in the happiness of the day because of this pesky hovering cloud. Finally he comes to a solution which banishes it and off he goes to make merry with his usual charm.

Partner this with Anna Walker’s CBC winner Mr Huff for a comprehensive discussion of an issue which, according to research, is a growing concern with many of our children.

Earlier this year I explored sophisticated picture books with my Year 5s and we naturally included Anthony Browne.  As well as his picture books (which promptly went flying out the door with excited girls) I also shared Anthony’s outstanding memoir – PlayingThe Shape Game co-written with his son Joe. I would strongly urge you to seek out this marvellous biography and of course, highly recommend this new picture book for your collection.

Perfect for sharing with children from around 5 years upwards.


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